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UN Packaging
The carriage of Dangerous Goods poses inherent risk to environment and the public is regulated by relevant carriage regulations.
In order to ensure safe transport of Dangerous Goods the United Nations have established a universal system for the classification, packaging, marking and labelling of Dangerous Goods. National and international regulations relating to road, rail, sea and air transport are all based on the UN classification system.
Under UN regulations, all packaging used for Dangerous Goods must meet or exceed minimum standards, before it can be used legally for the carriage of dangerous goods. UN packaging certification is issued by approved test centers, which establish packaging suitability and performance by conducting tests as described in Chapter 6.1 of the UN Model Regulations.
If containers pass the tests, all design-types manufactured to the same specification may be marked accordingly with the relevant UN code. Containers can be certified as free standing or in combination with outer packaging such as a cardboard box.

UN Markings Guide

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