An outstanding quality and value for our customers, Micro-Weld’s reconditioning service includes reworking of welding heads, transformers, wiring, all current factory upgrades and a brand new guarantee. You will get a welder as good as new for about half the cost of a new machine.

When your old butt welder is reconditioned by us, it will perform so well that we’ll give you a new welder guarantee. Thanks to the original design and quality of our welders and the expertise of our reconditioning professionals, after a complete reconditioning your welder will perform like a new machine. That’s why we give you the new welder guarantee. It includes welding heads, transformers, complete rewiring and more. We also test the reconditioned welders under full load to meet all current factory specifications. So talk to us about reconditioning your Micro-Weld butt welder and save without sacrificing quality. We’ll tell you the cost upfront. You’ll still have a hard time telling the difference. Your reconditioned butt welder will perform like new, without the price tag of a new machine. Guaranteed.