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ASCO Series 551 3/2 NC – 5/2 NAMUR spool valves

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Features and Benefits

  • Spool valve protected against food and beverage environment thanks to stainless steel screws
  • The solenoid operated spool valves have threaded port connections and NAMUR interface
  • The same spool valve can be adapted for 3/2 NC or 5/2 functions for controlling double-acting and single-acting actuators
  • All the exhaust ports of the spool valve are connectable, providing better environmental protection. Particularly recommended for sensitive areas, such as clean rooms, and applications in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors
  • The valves offer environmental protection against the ingress of liquids, dusts or other foreign matter (environmentally-protected construction)
  • The solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EU directives

Materials in contact with fluid

Ensure that the compatibility of the fluids in contact with the materials is verified

Body, End Cover Aluminium, Black Anodized
End Cover (Spring Return) PBT
Spool Valve Internal Parts Stainless Steel, POM, Aluminium
Seals NBR + PUR
Core and Core Tube Stainless Steel
Shading Coil Copper
Screws Stainless Steel 316L

Electrical characteristics

Coil insulation class F
Connector Spade plug connector with cable outlet 2 m long
Connector specification EN 175301-803, 11 mm, industry standard form B (type 01)
Electrical safety IEC 335
Electrical enclosure protection Moulded-in cable IP67 (EN 60529)
Standard voltages DC (=): 24V – 48V
(Other voltages and 60 Hz on request) AC (~): 24V – 48V – 115V – 230V / 50 Hz

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