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The hygienic double diaphragm pumps from Dellmeco are FDA approved thanks to the smooth diaphragm surface since the TFM prevents the growth of bacteria and germs.

In addition, all components which come into contact with the media are made from stainless steel and thus meet the standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

If you need special surface treatments, these are available upon request.

The air valves used are completely oil and grease-free since Dellmeco AODD pump pneumatic motor does not require any lubricated compressed air or permanent lubrication.

In addition, joint bracket system allows for quick removal without the need for tools thanks to the clamping connection.

Of course, Dellmeco hygienic double diaphragm pump is also CIP and SIP enabled. Hygienic pumps are available with a variety of connections, beginning with the various pipe fillings in accordance with DIN 11850, DIN 11864-1 or ANSI. Flange connections in accordance with ANSI or DIN 11864-2 aseptic are also not a problem. In addition, Dellmeco also offer clamping connections (TC) in accordance with DIN 11864-3, aseptic and ANSI, as well as SMS and RJT connections.

Details about dimension and technical as below picture.

Mobile hygienic pumps
All Dellmeco pumps are available as mobile pumps. In order to address the requirements of the food and pharmaceuticals industries, the trolley is made from stainless steel for the hygienic pumps. Naturally, all accessories (filter regulators, hose holders) needed for operation of the pumps can be mounted on the transport trolley.

Heating jacket
For a multitude of delivery tasks, it is necessary for a product to be heated or cooled. For these applications, the side sections as well as the materials inlets and outlets can be heated or cooled. Either warm water, steam or heat transfer oil can be used in order to heat the pump. The maximum permissible operating temperature is -30 °C to +120 °C.

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