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High Temperature Sealing Grease G-420

SKU: Category: Industrial Oil and Grease

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High Temperature Sealing Grease G-420 is a ultra-high temperature, silicone lubricating grease that provides excellent lubrication to most types of equipment. G-420 has high thermo-oxidative stability, high moisture resistance, and a wide usable temperature range.

Product Features

  • Superior lubrication at high temperatures (up to 250C)
  • High thermo-oxidative stability
  • High moisture resistance
  • Wide usable temperature range
  • Soft consistency/stiffness

Typical Applications

  • Providing lubrication to equipment, especially at very high temperatures

Typical Properties

Type Grease
One/Two Component One
Low Molecular Weight Siloxane Stripped? Y
Color White
Density @ 23C (g/cm3) 1.10
Penetration (1/10mm) 280
Drop Point (C) 250
% Oil Separation 5.7
% Volatile Content 0.30
Worked Stability (100,000 Strokes) 310
Low-Temp Torque: Starting (mN/m)
Low-Temp Torque: Running (mN/m) 25
Usable Temperature Range (C)
-30 to +250

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