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LI-COR® LI-250A Light Meter

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LI-250A Light Meter

The LI-250A Light Meter provides a direct digital readout for any LI-COR radiation sensor equipped with a BNC connector.
It displays instantaneous sensor output or 15-second averages, along with measurement units for any LI‑COR sensor (µmol s-1 m-2, lux, klux, or W m-2).

The LI‑250A automatically selects a sensitivity range to optimize accuracy and resolution for a given sensor. It provides a wide dynamic range for high-resolution measurements, even in low-light conditions.

  • 15-second averaging is turned on or off by pressing a single button
  • Over 150 hours of operation from a single 9-volt battery
  • Automatic shut-off after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • O-ring sealed case for weather protection
  • Easy-to-enter calibration multipliers make it simple to change between sensors
  • Compatible with the LI-190RLI-191RLI-192LI-193, LI-200R, or LI-210R

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