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Features and Benefits

Low strength gasketing product for high temperature applications. Suitable for flexible flanges and gaps up to 1 mm.
LOCTITE® SI 5920 is a low strength, silicone-based gasketing product. It is used on flexible flanges with machined or cast surfaces and is particularly suitable for high temperature applications up to 350°C. It can be applied in gaps measuring up to 1 mm and is used in electrical insulating applications.
  • For use with flexible flanges
  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Moisture curing
  • Non-corrosive

Technical Information

Color Copper
Cure speed vs time, 24.0 hr. 2.5 mm
Extrusion rate 275.0 g/min.
Gap fill 1.0 mm
Lab shear strength 1.4 N/mm²
Number of components 1 Part
Recommended for use with Metal, Plastic
Storage temperature 8.0 – 21.0 °C

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