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Nilfisk (CFM) S3 Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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The powerful and cost-effective way to dry carpets and floors

Model S3 is equipped with 3 bypass motors. It is easy to use thanks to the electronic board supplying real-time data about the filter status, and individually controlled motors.

S3 is equipped with a control panel supplying real-time information about the vacuum performance and filter condition. It comes standard with a 100L container, but can be outfitted with a 100L bin, dust-free collection options or for separating fluids from solids like metal shavings. HEPA filtration helps contain harmful dusts, and a variety of main filters can be selected to suit the intended use. It is versatile and powerful enough to accomplish tasks ranging from the machine shop to food or pharmaceutical production areas.

  • Constant check of the vacuum efficiency
  • Dust-free Longopac disposal system (“endless bag”) available
  • Tool tray
  • High filtering efficiency
  • Highest performance Nilfisk 1-phase industrial vacuum
  • Modular and suitable for any industrial application
  • Ergonomic external filter shaker
  • Large star filter
  • Stainless steel versions available

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