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Walchem LLDPE Tubing Part for the Metering Pumps

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Tubing Specifications LLDPE

Tubing, 3/8”ID x %”OD, Natural Tubing, WID x 3/8”OD, Natural
E00001 20 ‘ roll E00002 20′ roll
E00001-00 by the foot E00002-00 by the foot
E00001-50 50′ roll E00002-50 50′ roll
E00001-100 100′ roll E00002-100 100′ roll
E00001-250 250′ roll E00002-250 250′ roll
E00001-500 500′ roll E00002-500 500′ roll


Tubing, 3/8”ID x %”OD, Black, UV Resistant Tubing, WID x 3/8”OD, Black, UV Resistant
E00074 by the foot E00075 by the foot
E00074-500 500′ roll E00075-500 500′ roll

Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic Tubing – LLDPE

I.D. = Inside Diameter    O.D. = Outside Diameter

Sizes Working
I.D. Sizes O.D. Sizes Wall Thickness PSI @ 73°F
1/4 3/8 1/16 214
3/8 1/2 1/16 153

Temperature vs. Working Pressure Relationship of LLDPE

LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing (Natural and Black)

Properties Units Typical values (1) (S.I.)
Melt Index g/10 min 0.69
Density g/cc 0.9216
Tensile Yield MPa PSI 9.5 1380
Tensile Strength MPa PSI 21.8 3160
Tensile Elongation % 780
Flexural Modules MPa PSI 333 48.200
Flexural Strength MPa PSI 13 1890
Izod Impact No Breaks
ESCR – Condition B Hours 336 with no failures
Condition C Hours 336 with no failures

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