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AlliedHygiene Automax

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No matter which area of the automotive industry you work in, we have a wiping product to meet your specific requirements. The Automax range has been divided into six categories, clearly defining the purpose for which each wipe has been designed.

Automax 5

A lightweight general purpose cellulose wiper ideal for mopping up spillages quickly, cleaning tools and wiping dirty/greasy hands.

  • Cellulose Wipe for absorbency
  • Economic for General Purpose









Automax 6

An extremely low lint, super absorbant pre-cleaning cloth with superior strength even when wet, ideal for use with solvents and spirits.

  • Extremely Low Lint
  • Superior Strength
  • Super Absorbent








Automax 9

A polishing cloth ideal for compounding, polishing as well as interior and exterior automotive bodywork cleaning.

  • Ideal Workshop Sized Wiper
  • Fits popular workshop box dispensers
  • Cloth designed for Compounding and polishing








Automax 10

A low lint wipe that has been specifically designed for finishing, meaning it will not scratch even the newest paintwork.

  • Superior Finishing Cloth
  • Ideal for polishing body and glass items within the workshop and spray areas
  • Low Lint








Automax 11

A low lint, melt blown wipe that has been specifically designed for use with solvents and spirits, ideal for cleaning and degreasing of parts prior to spraying.

  • Polypropylene Wipe for Solvents and Spirits
  • Low Lint
  • Super strength Cloth









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