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SMC Membrane Compressed Air Dryer -20°C, IDG20-F02

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IDG Series, Membrane Air Dryer


SMC’s Membrane air dryer series IDG is available in a single unit or combination unit style. IDG/M models combine a mist separator and micro mist separator with a single unit. IDG/V models combine a regulator with the IDG/M model. Options available include one-touch fitting exhaust of purge air. If purged air is not exhausted around membrane air dryer, air is exhausted with tubing away from its dryer.

A reliable, efficient and an economical alternative to pressure swing and refrigerant dryer technologies.


Compact and lightweight
No power supply required
Discharged air noise reduced with in-built silencer
No vibration or heat discharge
Modular design for additional filtration
Membrane air dryer series
Single unit style
Various sizes available
Port sizes: 1/8″ to 1/2″



Attribute Value
Manufacturer Series IDG
Type Membrane
Inlet Port Size G 1/4
Outlet Port Size G 1/4
Dew Point -20°C
Typical Flow Rate 200 (Outlet) L/min, 50 (Purge) L/min
Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature +55°C
Minimum Ambient Operating Temperature -5°C
Minimum Process Operating Temperature -5°C
Inlet Port Thread Standard G
Ambient Operating Temperature Range -5 → +55°C
Maximum Process Operating Temperature +55°C
Minimum Operating Inlet Pressure 0.3MPa
Maximum Operating Inlet Pressure 0.85MPa
Process Operating Temperature Range -5 → +55°C


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