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Ultra-low dry cabinet Customnized size (with ESD accessories)

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Cabinet body material: 1mm strengthen steel plate with Gray ESD coating. 3mm ESD tempered glass doors.

Cabinet outside size: H1950 x W1200 x D900 mm(H includes wheels).

Cabinet inside size: H1800 x W1190 x D870 mm.

Internal capacity: 1860L

Desiccating Theory: Desiccates with polymer physical adsorption.

Humidity Control Range: 10-60% RH. The low humidity specialized sensor is made in the USA by Silicon Labs with stability, accuracy and credibility Humidity display: Intelligent microcomputer control, touch control panel operation, LCD panel display.

Operating voltage: AC 220V±10%, 50/60 Hz.

Recording function: display monitor will records data every two hours. So It can monitor humidyti changes in 24 hours.

Accessories: height adjustable shelve x3 / ESD wheels Set / lock key.

The capacity of this customized cabinet is so big, so that we installed two largest dehumidifiers on it, the dehumidification performance is very strong, according to the test result in factory, the lowest humidity can reduce to 10%RH even to 1%RH.

About the dehumidifier operate mode, there are two working stage

  1. Absorption Stage (dehumidification): Room temperature operation.

The valves are opened inwards and closed outwards in order to absorb moisture inside the Dry cabinet to the desiccants in the dehumidifier.

  1. Exhaustion Stage (Regeneration): Heating.

The valves are opened outwards and closed inwards in order to exhaust moisture out of the Dry cabinet from saturated desiccants in the dehumidifier by heating desiccants.

Both the stages will cycle automatically. The whole process is controlled by Shape Memory Alloy & an I.C. Timer.

Inner Desiccant↓

Most of time the cabinet will stay in absorption and standby stage.

The built in sensor will detect the inner humidity value every 5 hours, if the desiccants are wet, can’t absorb more moisture to reduce to the setting value, the dehumidifier will switch to exhaustion stage (Heat about 60mins), the dehumidifier is stopping absorb humidity during this stage so even the door is closed, the humidity still increase a bit won’t exceed 10%RH.

After exhaustion stage, the desiccants will recover to very dry status, and the dehumidifier performance is powerful at first, so the humidity will reduce below to the setting value and then gradually rise to the setting.  For example, if you set at 30%RH, the humidity may down to 20%RH at first and then gradually rise to 30%RH.

Most of time the humidity can be control below to your setting value. (except for exhaustion stage) the feature of all desiccant type dry cabinet is the same.

Second question about the memory group,

after 12 memories are full, the display will always show number 12, the 12 is the latest memory, you can press ︿and﹀ button to see other memories, 11 is the humidity of two hours ago, 10 is four hours ago, 9 is six hours ago…and so on.

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