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Yamada: Pulsation Dampeners – Model is AD-25PT (851862)

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Pulsation reducer exclusively for NDP series equipped with diaphragm. Affix to the discharge side of the diaphragm pump to reduce pulsation caused by pump operation.

■ Main Applications
Prevention of piping vibration/Protection of filters/Liquid pumps for metering devices, metering pumps in combination with flow meters, and other applications

Nominal Diameter 1″ (25 mm)
Material Connection Rc 1
Air Connection Supply Port Rc 1/4
Exhaust Port Rc 1/8
Air Supply Pressure 0~0.7 MPa
Maximum Supply Air Pressure (Material pressure) 0.7 MPa
Net Weight 5.8 kg 8.2 kg 5.5kg

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