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ZK series 2-Way Wafer-type Ball Valve full bore PN40/PN16

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EA(End-Armaturen) 2-Way Wafer-type Ball Valve full bore PN40/PN16 ZK series.

ZK series ball valve is 1-piece designed wafer-type ball valve, full bore, mounting pad for actuator according to ISO 5211, Anti Static Device. TA Luft approval up to DN100.


  • extra small dimensions.
  • low weight
  • direct actuator mounting possible.
  • low dead spot at container mounting.
  • blow-out proofed stem.


Flange DN15…DN200.

DN15…DN50: measured to PN40.

DN65…DN200: measured to PN16.

Flange produced with threaded holes,

Ball valve DN65 will be delivered in 4-hole execution!


Almost vacuum up to nominal pressure(max. +80°C).

For higher temperatures please refer to the Pressure -Temperature-Diagram.



At media temperature above 80°C or large oscillating media temperatures we recommend a pressure compensation bore in the ball. At media which tend to steam-building the pressure compensation bore is compellingly required. Please mention in your order.


Body: Stainless steel 1.4408
Ball: Stainless steel 1.4408
Ball seal: PTFE glass-fiber reinforced.
Spindle seal: PTFE/Graphite (up to DN100).
Handle Stainless steel/ Steel/Cast iron painted.


  • pneumatic or electric actuator.
  • electrical position indicator.
  • spindle elongation.
  • cavity-free type ball seals.
  • Fire-Safe Design(no approval)
  • Atex-version.
  • flanges according to ANSI 150lbs.

detail about part number diagram EA(End-Armaturen) 2-Way Wafer-type Ball Valve ZK series as below table:

Please refer to datasheet for further information.

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