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Dow Corning 736 Heat Resistant Sealant

SKU: Category: Industrial chemical

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Dow DOWSIL™ 736 Heat Resistant Sealant Red is a one component, non-slumping, silicone paste that is used for coating, sealing, encapsulating, potting, and bonding applications that are exposed to high temperatures. It is recommended for industrial ovens, aerospace gasketing, moving oven belts, and appliances. It cures at room temperature when exposed to moisture. 90 mL Tube.

Product Details
Typical Use: Used for sealing and encapsulating heating elements in appliances, aerospace gasketing,

moving oven belts, industrial ovens and bag filters on smoke stacks.

Color: Red
Components: 1 part
Cure Time: 24h @ 25 °C
Elongation: 600%
Hardness: 26 A
Key Specifications: 21 CFR 177.2600, MIL-A-46106A
Service Temperature: -65 to 260 °C
Specific Gravity: 1.04 @ 25 °C
Tack Free Time: 17min
Tensile Strength: 350 psi
Viscosity: Paste

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