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Entegris Flowmeter, InVue Electronic Flowmeter, NT4400 1/2″, 0-2.5LPM 4400-T5-F04-D30-A-P7-U3

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  • No moving parts to generate particles
  • Nonmetallic sensing technology for reliable measurement
  • Integral pressure transducer for additional process information
  • Flow-through design to minimizes dead volume
  • 1% full scale accuracy for critical measurements
  • Easy installation in any orientation

The InVue Electronic Flowmeter, Model NT4400 measures flow and line pressure, which allows you to obtain valuable and critical diagnostic information. These flowmeters are ideal for monitoring and controlling flow in the following applications:

  • Chemical, DI water and slurry dispense
  • Precision blending and metering
  • Totalized flow for custody transfer
  • System diagnostics

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