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pH combination electrodes – Series 201021

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Technical data

Active part High-temperature (HT) glass, suitable for high-alkaline
Temperature range 0 to 135 °C (depending on diaphragm)
Pressure range Up to 13 bar
Electrode head N-screw head (S8), Pg13.5 thread; VarioPin (VP) plug head, Pg13.5 thread
Temperature sensor Pt1000
Insertion length 120 or 225 mm
Diaphragm Extensive PTFE ring diaphragm or pinhole diaphragm
Special feature Available with reusable JUMO digiLine electronic components (type 202705)
Features For industrial applications; also available in heavy-duty and hygienic version for demanding processes; integrated temperature sensor
Area of application Process measurement; high temperature applications; suspensions; galvanic; coatings; wastewater; ultra-pure water; water; always contaminated media; hygienic and sterile applications; boiler feed water

For more information please see the document here: Datasheet

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